Recognizing how this city has achieved such singular cult status in a matter of decades and how it delivers the extraordinary to its fans were unmatched feats worthy of celebrating last year at The Gathering. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is the brains behind the brand’s success. It has coordinated the countless resorts, attractions and local jurisdictions into a single unified voice to share the brand on a global scale.

It’s easy to think of Las Vegas as a playboy and party destination, but the city embraces the spectrum of adult entertainment: shopping, shows, sports, dining, spas. Not only does it offer everything in a way that no other city on earth does, but it’s the best of everything – from the world’s most sought-after acts to the best accommodations money can buy. The brand has also established the city as a major business centre. For 19 years, it’s been the top destination for trade shows in North America.

Part of Las Vegas’s success comes down to understanding and listening to its followers. They’re loyal (84% of visitors are repeat customers) and they want new experiences. They want to come to Las Vegas for a trip they can’t get anywhere else.

Ryan Gill, host of Fearless Brand Leaders, sits down with Cathy Tull who oversees all marketing, advertising and sales efforts for Las Vegas. Together Ryan and Cathy explore how Las Vegas has preserved the only-in-Las Vegas moments for their visitors.

Watch the full episode here.

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