Check out this interview we did with Mel CleMents, the former VP of Branded Entertainment at Fox Digital Studio. If you want to learn how to market in the digital media space, this is an interview you will definitely want to watch. This video highlights what it takes to truly create a fearless brand within an industry that is continuously evolving and adapting to customerís changing needs.

Fox Digital Studio is a sub brand of 20th Century Fox, one of Americaís largest film production studios. The studioís goal is to find the next big media franchise, but through non-traditional channels.

Hereís some of the key takeaways from the interview:

2:02 Some of the big, bold things Fox Digital has been able to pull off.

2:54 How Fox currently fits in the digital space.

3:52 Mel talks about how Fox engages its viewers and how it allows people to interact with their brand.

5:04 Where Mel sees the future of the digital media industry.

Itís the delivery mechanisms that are going to change. Itís not going to be through storytelling has been around since cave paintings…and people are going to keep doing that, so you have to just keep up with the times.

Mel Clements is the former VP of Branded Entertainment at Fox Digital Studio.

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