Utilizing technology to deepen customer engagement

The Challenge

Walton International Group is a multi-billion dollar, privately owned real estate investment and development group, serving consumers globally, with a concentrated focus on land development in North America. Walton’s website was a less-than-ideal experience for both investors and real-estate stakeholders. Clients quickly became aware that they had no visibility relative to how their investments were performing. And internal stakeholders found that they didn’t have the proper tools to keep clients satisfied. To solve this critical problem, Walton’s VP of IT hired Cult to reimagine the site to provide better engagement with clients, while easing the burden on their internal organization.

Our Solution

Through our Diagnostic and Prescription process, we analyzed and mapped how each stakeholder group used the website, and how it was falling short of fulfilling their needs. After fully understanding its requirements and ideating deeper engagement features, we began to build a better customer-engagement portal. An online platform that would better facilitate two-way interactions and whose enhanced functionality would get it recognized as much more than a simple website. With close collaboration with Walton’s IT team, we ensured that all systems were properly integrated, data integrity and security were properly handled, and all global executives were on board with the site’s direction—both from a front-end design perspective and a back-end technological framework. We recognized the importance of customer care in Walton’s industry and focused our efforts on that, as much as we did on traditional marketing. Throughout the past five years, Cult has continued to develop new ways to ensure functionality of the website, and improve customer experience.

The Results

Since our engagement, Walton has been able to better serve their global client base, with all key regions reporting back positively about the new website. In addition, the internal communications team are now able to manage website content and serve it to the proper region and respective stakeholders, better than they ever have before. With this functionality came outstanding behavioral and content consumption data, which continues to optimize the experience to best serve their growing client relationships. This has led the company to experience the outstanding levels of success in the real estate industry that they see today.