FIX 3rd Edition

Chapter One Request

Break The Addictions That Are Killing Brands

Finally, a how-not-to guide for marketers who are tired of wasting time, energy and money on tactics that no longer work. In a world with too many choices… and too little time, companies without highly engaged, devoted, and vocal customers won’t survive. Unfortunately, too many brand stewards (and subsequently their budgets) are seemingly addicted to certain marketing behaviors and woefully under-invest in some of the most impactful, yet least appreciated, marketing activities. All too often, vitally important consumer engagement strategies fall to other departments or disciplines, such as HR, Operations, or Merchandising. While other groups may be competent and well intentioned, they usually lack the skills, resources and funding found within the marketing group that would allow their brand to become truly remarkable. This book was written to inspire bold brand leaders to reclaim marketing’s power position within the C-suite and more fully exploit the rich talent and sizeable budgets at their disposal. CMOs are the rightful stewards of the two most important things a business does… improving consumer engagement and increasing sales. But that kind of stewardship requires radically redefining the day-to-day responsibilities of the marketing department, weaning itself off promotional sales tactics, and refocusing its efforts on six specific areas that best help brands attract cult-like followers.

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