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Amy Gallagher

Account Advisor

Five Interesting Facts

  • Pulp in orange juice freaks me right out
  • I completed my Marketing Degree in Lyon, France
  • Mathew Parry took me out for dinner on my 20th birthday
  • I rock a really good Minnesota accent
  • I’m proud to participate in Cult’s annual Project Smile adventures


Since the birth of Cult I have had the privilege to work with many brands who are leaders in their categories across North America, from Retail, to Oil and Gas, Ski Resorts and Technology Start-ups. I have learned to appreciate that a customer-focused background is essential to my role here in Cult’s Direction Team: making sure we remember that while we’re busy building cult followings for our clients, we need to maintain our own—a roster of fiercely loyal clients who are addicted to us, our process and its resulting work.

I manage every client relationship with the mindset that, ultimately, we are a service business. And that our clients deserve more than just North America’s most enlightened thinking around customer engagement—they deserve it on time and on budget.