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Anup Patel


Five Interesting Facts

  • I broke my leg in the 2nd grade, and got really good at playing Bionic Commando.
  • I had a British accent until the 3rd grade.
  • I sold caricatures I drew of WWF superstars to my friends in the 4th Grade.
  • I peaked in the 5th grade when I was chosen to go to the city science fair for my project on UFO’s…the truth is out there.
  • In the 6th grade I made my first music purchase from distributing flyers, the Bad Hair Day cassette by “Weird Al” Yankovic.


My journey to Cult has been a long yet interesting one. I’ve always been fascinated by the human psyche, particularly what drives us to make the choices we make. I graduated with a BSc. In biological sciences and dabbled in the Biotech field for a bit, then moved over in to sales for a CPG distributor, eventually finding my way to Cult, having completed an MBA at York University in Toronto. I like to think I have the brain of a scientist, the skin of a salesman and the heart of a marketer.