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Our Team
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Brand Strategist
Barry Anderson

Interesting Facts

  • I don’t view chocolate as a food group. I view it as pure cosmic energy – akin to something that you might discover at the centre of a black hole.
  • When I was 7 I thought I was a better, more worthwhile person than everyone I knew because of the coolness of my bicycle.
  • The last time I cried in a movie… it was a vampire movie (NOT Twilight, a REAL vampire movie).
  • I am an artist. But the art I do is ’secret’ art. Hidden on the underside of boardroom tables, on pinheads, manipulating sub atomic particles, in the dark (and it STAYS in the dark).
  • If I was a super hero I would be… uh… no… that’s just too personal.


Barry is a brand strategist and integrated MarCom professional with nearly three decades of experience helping organizations achieve success. WIth a Visual Communications education from the ACAD he forged a career as a designer and creative director before uniting strategy and creativity at his agency Creative Intelligence. That agency launched and grew the WestJet Airlines brand. And Barry has continued to build business for organizations such as SAIT Polytechnic, Mac’s Convenience Stores, 102.1 The Edge Radio (Toronto), Alberta Economic Development and many more…

Inspired By
The fact that every now and then the world actually celebrates something dark, strange and unusual.
FIX: Break the addictions that are killing brands
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