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David Abbott, David Ogilvy... I actually I find all Davids to be deeply inspiring.

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Charles Blackwell

Creative Director

Five Interesting Facts

  • I once kissed the back of Ronald Reagan’s neck.
  • I was in the astronaut program for four years but had my dreams crushed when the last moon shot was cancelled by NASA.
  • I still hold the Guinness World Record for longest time standing naked on one foot (three weeks, two days, 17 hours).
  • The index finger on my left hand is composed entirely of Pez candies, melted, molded and attached by surgeons at John Hopkins in San Francisco (this is why I can never get it wet).
  • I am fluent in the African click language. (Actually it is my first language, I was adopted by a South African family at a very early age… the greatest achievement of my life was mastering the English Language at the age of 17.)


Over his 25-year career, Charles has worked as a copywriter and creative director at major agencies in London, New York and Calgary. He was also President of his own award-winning agency, Push, for several years. His work has been featured in the Clios, Marketing Awards, Bessies, Applied Arts, IBAs and the London International Advertising Festival.

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