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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
CEO & Partner
Chris Kneeland

Interesting Facts

  • I once tried out for David Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks
  • I’m not really bald. I just don’t like hair.
  • I have a black belt in Karaoke
  • I pretend to only watch the Bachelor because my wife makes me, but secretly I kind of enjoy it
  • At different times in my life I have played the piano, xylophone, violin, french horn (but now all I do well is whistle)


I graduated with a Master’s degree in marketing communications from Northwestern University and worked client-side at John Deere and The Home Depot prior to selling my soul to join an ad agency (Rapp) in Dallas TX. In 2010 I moved to Calgary to run Watermark Advertising Design. Then, in September 2012 I resigned to join a Cult.

Inspired By
people who display great courage in the face of adversity.
FIX: Break the addictions that are killing brands
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