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Discovery - be it a new favourite song, a clever play on words, or an elegant piece of code.

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Chris Shaw

UX & Interaction Lead

Five Interesting Facts

  • I grew up in a town of 169 people.
  • I flew my first plane at age 13.
  • I can’t whistle. Or curl my tongue. These may be related.
  • I fought a bull once. He won.
  • I almost became a lawyer (shudder).


Doodling in the margins of my test papers led (eventually!) to art school, a gig at an educational publisher, then to a firm here in Calgary. After starting and running agency for six years my partners decided to change directions and I found myself at a crossroads. I went looking for inspiration and fell in with (a) Cult.

I fell in love with the immediacy and reach of the web early on. Ever since designing and building my first website (ecommerce in 1997!) Ive been looking at ways to use the web to extend the communications of my clients. Now I spend my time helping clients understand and embrace the ways that interactive communication changes their business, for the better.

Not that I have abandoned my print roots I still love the smell, feel and visual impact of ink on paper.