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Our Team
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Senior Engagement Engineer
Dan Ribolzi

Interesting Facts

  • I was a rugby player in college, and had my ear ripped in half, requiring a plastic surgeon and 40+ stitches
  • I have lived in Indianapolis since 2010 but am embarrassed to admit I have not yet attended the Indy 500
  • I have five children, including boy-girl twins. I wanted to name them “Test” and “Control” but my wife showed better judgement than me
  • I spent most of my 20’s in Chicago and consider myself a Chicagoan. I spent most of my 30’s in Minneapolis and consider myself a Minnesotan. I have spent all of my 40’s in Indiana and am starting to consider myself a Hoosier.
  • I enjoy both family trips and vacations. Parents reading this are nodding, as they know those are two different things.


I have spent over twenty three years as a marketer, spending my first decade in account services for agencies such as Rapp and Digitas. I worked in marketing for five years at Best Buy, helping to revamp the Reward Zone loyalty program. I went on to do marketing consulting at LoyaltyOne Consulting, helping to create the Walgreens Balance Rewards program and the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program. I spent three years at Salesforce as a Marketing Consultant before taking a VP of Sales position at YA Engage. I have a BS in Business from Eastern Illinois University and an MBA from Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Inspired By
The opportunity to work with marketing leaders, helping them accomplish remarkable things with their brands by taking real chances
FIX: Break the addictions that are killing brands
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