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Dan Ribolzi

Senior Engagement Engineer

FIVE Interesting Facts

  • I was a rugby player in college, and had my ear ripped in half, requiring a plastic surgeon and 40+ stitches
  • I have lived in Indianapolis since 2010 but am embarrassed to admit I have not yet attended the Indy 500
  • I have five children, including boy-girl twins. I wanted to name them “Test” and “Control” but my wife showed better judgement than me
  • I spent most of my 20’s in Chicago and consider myself a Chicagoan. I spent most of my 30’s in Minneapolis and consider myself a Minnesotan. I have spent all of my 40’s in Indiana and am starting to consider myself a Hoosier.
  • I enjoy both family trips and vacations. Parents reading this are nodding, as they know those are two different things.


I have spent over twenty three years as a marketer, spending my first decade in account services for agencies such as Rapp and Digitas. I worked in marketing for five years at Best Buy, helping to revamp the Reward Zone loyalty program. I went on to do marketing consulting at LoyaltyOne Consulting, helping to create the Walgreens Balance Rewards program and the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program. I spent three years at Salesforce as a Marketing Consultant before taking a VP of Sales position at YA Engage. I have a BS in Business from Eastern Illinois University and an MBA from Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.