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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Office Manager/EA
Heidi Lacey

Interesting Facts

  • I traveled through Europe with my husband and four kids for six months and had zero personal space
  • I took 12 years of organ lessons
  • I collect old books and have no place to put them
  • I was viciously attacked by a rooster
  • I have an intervention-worthy addiction to Diet Coke


I graduated with a Communications degree from Mount Royal and spent the past decade working as a technical writer/copy editor with a variety of organizations from academic institutions to retail and service industries. With this experience, I understand the importance of clear communication, both written and verbal, and attention to detail. I have a passion for words and their effect on people, ideas, and culture. My position at Cult Collective allows me to see these ideas in action and work with many inspiring individuals!

Inspired By
People who turn “possibility” into reality
FIX: Break the addictions that are killing brands
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