Inspired by:

The Damned, Orson Welles, and wailing guitars.

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James Irwin

Art Director/Senior Designer

Five Interesting Facts

  • I majored in renaissance poetry
  • I spent $1000 on Elvis swag in a single day at Graceland
  • I collect radio shows from the 30s, 40s, and 50s
  • I played in a punk band for most of my teens and 20s
  • I’m a big fan of j-pop (japanese pop music)


I started off my career as an editorial assistant at the Financial Post in Toronto and quickly shifted my focus to graphic design. Some highlights include working on The Phantom of the Opera, Show Boat, and Ragtime for the live theatre industry; annual reports for some of Canada’s largest corporations like Shaw and Canadian Natural Resources; and, advertising and marketing material for Mark’s, one of Canada’s largest clothing retailers.