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John Garofalo

Senior Developer

Five Interesting Facts

  • I skipped Grade 6 to go on a ski trip
  • ¬†Yes, I use fresh basil and parsley when I am making Mom’s tomato sauce
  • I was on an undefeated hockey team and, yes, I was the leading scorer
  • As a result, I have no real front teeth
  • My first real job was to defeat Google’s search algorithm, which didn’t work out so well
  • I am the unofficial foosball champion of the universe. A title I won at a buddy’s house


I graduated from Queen’s University with my Master’s and undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. I started my own company creating SaaS applications for school boards across Ontario, enterprise websites and mobile apps. I’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge over my career, not only in software engineering but also in search engine optimization and email marketing. I currently volunteer my spare time to creating and maintaining numerous not-for-profit websites.

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