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Ingenious uses of color and pattern.

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Lindsay Wilder

Principal Interior Designer

Five Interesting Facts

  • I loathe Mustard and Olives
  • I never…with 100% consistency – am ready to order my drink from a server upon first pass
  • Under no circumstance would I own a cat
  • I name my cars; I’m currently driving Pearl, and prior to that I drove Tilly
  • I create lists to an obsessive extent and save them on iCloud


Lindsay Wilder is the principal designer and founder of Lindsay O Creative. With an Interior Design degree from Ryerson University and over six years of hospitality & residential design experience in the heart of Toronto, Lindsay brings a unique flair to Calgary’s design landscape. Lindsay O Creative was established early in 2009 when Lindsay brought her talents back to her hometown of Calgary, Alberta. She mixes metropolitan commercial flair from Toronto with her natural Western warmth to offer an exquisite outlook on residential & commercial design in Calgary.