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Eric Shwed

Engagement Coordinator

Five Interesting Facts

  • I lived in rural Japan for six months to learn Japanese, sing bad karaoke, and climb Mt. Fuji.
  • I am allergic to peanuts. Never being able to eat Reece’s is my biggest disappointment.
  • I have a hand-sewn Snuggie and it is the most comfortable thing I own.
  • I am a huge gaming and pop culture nerd.
  • My first dream career was to become a chef.


I am a recent university graduate that joined Cult in May 2015. My experience stems from both financial and relationship management. I have worked as an investment banker at a major Canadian bank, and while part of a university organization, I managed to secure partnerships with some of Canada┬╣s greatest brands. I have a deep passion for all things marketing and constantly try to keep up with industry trends to better serve client needs in unique and groundbreaking ways.