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Rob Howard

Chief Engagement Officer

Five Interesting Facts

  • I wrote a book, Fix: Break The Addiction That’s Killing Brands.
  • I helped found A Society of Cult Brands and conceive The Gathering, a yearly summit of the world’s most coveted brands.
  • I’m not athletic, but I bike to work almost every day and recently joined the cult of Spinning®.
  • I’m a dad to two amazing kids. Hudson and Katie are my inspiration.
  • I’ve been a closet comic book/superhero geek since I was a kid.


Cut my teeth in Toronto’s fledgling multimedia scene and founded a communications design boutique. I’ve worked with super-brands like Nike, LCBO, Spruce Meadows, Canadian Tire and Pita Pit. Today, I’m a Customer Engagement Engineer, enabling brands to transform ordinary customers into devoted fans with irrational loyalty. In short, I help brands create meaningful, profitable connections with consumers in ways that traditional marketing can’t.

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