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Our Team
Cult is a team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Sr. Engagement Advisor
Sari Waldman

Interesting Facts

  • A travel junkie – I’ve been to over 25 countries and always planning the next.
  • I’m slightly addicted to running.
  • My dream is to be on the Amazing Race.
  • I’m one of the few people I know under the age of 70 that loves licorice allsorts.
  • I ate 3 live grasshoppers once to win a contest that had no prize.


I’m passionate about people, building relationships and delivering results. I thrive off making sure everyone’s happy, no matter what it takes. After university, I moved to Toronto to start my marketing career, where I had the chance to manage clients of all sizes – from multinational brands to smaller local accounts. 10 years later, I’ve returned to try the Calgary scene. My curiosity for the new is what keeps me motivated.

Inspired By
People who 'do' and don't just 'say'.
FIX: Break the addictions that are killing brands
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