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daisies, eccentric people, art, nature, architecture.

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Sheryl Anderson

Graphic Production / Design

Five Interesting Facts

  • My grandparents were two founders of the first Nudist colony in Manitoba that is still in existence.
  • I have been a Reiki Master for more than 20 years.
  • In high school I save a friend (who is over 6ft tall), from drowning. The same year, I performed the Heimlich maneuver on a woman in a coffee shop who was choking on food.
  • I was the only Brownie in my troop to get the woodworking badge, I build a birdhouse.
  • I played competitive softball in Manitoba.


Sheryl’s extensive and varied background in print production has led to senior positions within advertising agencies and printing companies in Winnipeg, Banff and Calgary. She also has hands-on experience as a graphic production artist, which informs the creative side of her current role. Sheryl¹s strong attention to detail ensures each communications piece has consistent messaging, while her well-developed sense of aesthetics heightens the beauty of images and ensuring brand is foremost. As a Senior Production Designer she also ensures that the graphical elements come together on the page in a manner that enhances all communication projects.