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People That Overcome Great Obstacles

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Stacy Sanford

Managing Director, Atlanta

Five Interesting Facts

  • I swam with hammerhead sharks in the Blue Hole.
  • At the age of 9, I become a published author when I won a city-wide writing contest and had my poem published in the local paper.
  • I created the first ever online credit card application.
  • I encountered a black jaguar in the Belizean jungle.
  • I named a cereal in an ad club contest which then became a popular cereal bar for the Kellogg company.


My early years in marketing were spent learning the ropes and foundational principles in the traditional space. Once introduced to digital, it launched me into the pursuit of the best consumer experience. Seeing the best creative and enthusiastic response to it that then leads customers to a place that then doesn’t deliver, is a disappointing reality that many companies face today. I really enjoy jumping in with my team to help figure out the solutions, no matter the platform, that deliver on the company promise.