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All great quests have an air of "impossible" to them…mine is to understand people…it’s ok, laugh if you like.

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Tricia Murray

Media Strategist

Five Interesting Facts

  • My favourite movie is So I Married and Axe Murderer – no need to psychoanalyze me.
  • Someone once said without the culinary arts life would be unbearable – I feel that way about shoes.
  • dog, god, potato, potawto.
  • Strongbow (not Ferrero Rocher) was created by the gods (not dogs).
  • If Grumpy was a season, his name would be Winter.


Prior to hitting the pavement in advertising I found myself in a potpourri of industries from engineering, personal development training (not quite Anthony Robbins) and oil and gas and that diversity has given me a unique appreciation for the client’s I work with now. I have spent 12 years planning and buying media in every medium we know of today for some really great brands. Building the right bridges to consumers, for the right message to cross and ultimately connect people to brands, products and services that they will come to love.

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