Ready for customers who buy in, rather than just buy? We know cult brands better than anyone. Let's see how your brand stacks up!

Does your business benefit from word of mouth because your offering includes products, services or experiences that are so noteworthy that customers sponaneously tell others about them without incentive from you?

Will customers routinely bypass more conveniently available, and less expensive, comparable options in order to purchase your products or services?

Have customers created their own events, websites, clubs or communities that pay tribute to your brand, products or services?

Does your organization regularly express your brand's principals and values through marketing communications, more so than promotional or sales-based messaging?

Beyond their employment qualifications, does your organization evaluate job candidates against a set of attributes that serves to compliment your desired internal culture?

Are your employees inspired enough to regularly refer – or even actively recruit – new talent or staff, without need for incentive?

Does your organization have an internal programs, forums, and/or tools (i.e. townhalls, social networks or intranets) that are actively used to perpetuate your brand's values, philosophies and beliefs?

Do consumers relate your brand to a person, character or popular personality – whether real or invented – to help describe your brand?

Does your organization use official channels of communication with customers through which it regularly consults with them?

Does your organization modify its offerings based on consumer feedback and understanding what they claim resonsates or doesn't resonate with them?

Does your organization create or sponsor destinations or events where consumers can enjoy memorable branded experiences beyond your primary distribution outlets?

Has your organization made signficiant financial and organizational efforts to perfectly align your physical and virtual worlds so you provide a fullly integrated branded experience in store, online, mobile, in communities and in socials spaces?

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