Over the past decade, the famous 80/20 (where 20% of customers account for 80% of sales) has digressed into the 60/40 rule, meaning it now takes 40% of customers to generate 60% of your revenue. Some experts predict a 50/50 rule is right around the corner where loyal and disloyal customers are essentially the same.

Customers are becoming less and less focused on loyalty, and marketers need to fix that.

These disturbing consumer trends are causing brand leaders to rethink loyalty solutions. Cult believes most points-based loyalty programs have failed to live up to their hype, but we haven’t given up on their potential value (yet). This webinar provides some practical Do’s and Don’ts for any brand struggling to justify the ROI of their currently loyalty program, as well as any marketing leader investigating the viability of beginning a loyalty program from scratch.

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