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Owen Reader is a Chief Engagement Officer at Cult Collective, one of North America’s premier audience engagement firms. He is passionate about helping brands reach their full potential by teaching them how to embrace proven engagement marketing principles that increase attachment and advocacy amongst customers, prospects, employees and/or shareholders.

Owen leads strategic outputs at Cult and expertly guides organizations through the fundamental changes required to surpass their peers and create meaningful (and sustainable) competitive advantage.

Owen believes that for too long, marketers on both the agency and the client side, have been distracted by the wrong things, causing them to over-invest in mass media and superficial sales promotions that attempt to influence behaviour through bribery. Instead, marketers must elevate our craft by focusing on thoughtful engagement activities that actually matter.

Prior to joining Cult, Owen ran a marketing consultancy that helped courageous CEO’s embed proper engagement marketing disciplines into the DNA of their business operations. He has worked with brand leaders at Zappos, The Home Depot, Keurig, Canopy Growth, Pita Pit, Nike, Cheapo-Air and more, helping them to rethink how to deploy finite resources, better listen and co-create with key audiences, and design new products, services, or customer experiences.

Owen is on the board of advisors for The Gathering, a global conference dedicated to celebrating the world’s most coveted brands, and helped launch The Gathering//Music, a festival and conference that connects artists, brands and consumers together in exciting ways. When he isn’t working with clients, Owen adopts his pseudonym ‘Owen The Wild’ and he documents his adventures as an avid outdoorsman.

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