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Speaking Topics
The Anatomy of Cult Brands
What do the world’s most beloved brands believe, and how do they behave, to allow them to significantly – and consistently – outperform their mediocre peers? Our speakers reveal the findings of his research, and present entertaining and educational examples of brand-building done so spectacularly well it results in cult-like followers
A Masterclass in Marketing
Within most companies, the discipline of marketing has devolved into the management of messages and media. People, programs, policies and performance metrics must be reimagined in order to maximize the marketing function. Our speakers share “The Four D’s” of master marketers to help brands become – and stay- relentlessly relevant.
Does Your Brand Need an Intervention?
Is your brand sick? The problems plaguing most brands are the result of their overemphasis and over investment on strategies that drive short-term business results. This presentation teaches leadership teams how to self-identify the signs of a sick brand, and what to do about it.
How to Cultivate a Cult Brand Culture
The most celebrated and coveted brands all share one thing more than any other – their emphasis on culture. However, like customers, employees are more promiscuous than ever, and are making decisions about where they spend their workdays with a whole host of factors that HR professionals are unprepared to address. In this talk, learn the essential building blocks of a cult brand culture, and how leading brands invest in indoctrinating cult-like fanaticism from the inside out.
Retail in the 21st Century – You may not be selling what you think
Maximizing retail success has long been product and service centric, driven by things like product mix, merchandising strategy and planograms. With better informed shoppers, and the availability of most products online today, bricks and mortar retailers need to rethink their purpose to deliver a holistic, engaging experience.
Talent (Mis)Management
Specifically targeting agency owners and solopreneuers, this presentation identifies a host of fallacies governing decisions around the hiring and retention of in-house talent. Aside from properly positioning your firm, and developing appropriate packaged and priced solutions, the management of talent is the single biggest contributor to professional success.
Custom Presentations
Our speakers have spoken on a variety of topics relating to internal and external engagement and are willing to customize content relating to a specific industry or marketing challenge assuming it falls within their proven expertise. Examples of the wide variety of topics our experts can speak on:
The Fix
I Respectfully Disagree, Mr. Ziebinski…
Are You Running An Agency, Or Running In Circles?
Agency Profitability Suffers From Old School Thinking About Talent
Stop Buying Impressions and Start Making Them
Do Marketing, NOT Markdowning!
Do you believe in a false paradigm?
Break Your Brands, Unhealthy Addiction
Why Digital-Based Firms are Winning
$5,000 + travel expenses for 1 hour speeches

$10,000 + travel expenses for 1/2 day workshops

$15,000 + travel expenses for 1-day workshops

$24,000 + travel expenses for 2-day workshops

Rates vary for non-profits and special circumstances.
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