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Weekly Round-Up: The Emerging Role of the CMO and Connecting with Customers on a Deeper Level
CMO's are evolving and it's time to truly connect with customers.
Each week, we aggregate the insights, issues and ideas dominating the conversations about brand engagement, customer loyalty and the future of marketing.

How the Role of the CMO is Changing, and How it Should Change

CMO’s need to tackle the tough issues if brands are going to stand out. It’s no longer simply about shouting louder and trying to drive sales. This new CMO needs to first develop an inspiring internal culture if they ever hope to have customers believe their unique purpose.

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Source: Cult Collective

Airbnb Wants to Make Any House a Home

Airbnb doesn’t simply want to be about lodging, it wants to provide you with a home away from home. The company recently unveiled it’s new logo and website, meant to foster a sense of belonging among its patrons. It’s definitely a more humanizing approach to their business model. Will it work is the question on everybody’s mind.

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Source: Airbnb

Trying to Improve Customer Loyalty

It’s a confusing world out there these days for marketers. While people tend to be fiercely loyal to specific brands, they are putting less trust in brand in general. The transparency of information and constant bar-raising by companies has led customers to have higher expectations than ever, and know more than ever. So what is a marketer to do? Well first, talk to the top level since that is where the problem is coming from. Then, return to the basics, treating customers, employees, and society with the respect it demands.

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Source: Social Media Today

The Importance of Innovation over “Catching Up”

Simply because one brand does something doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. It has been seen time and time again that by playing catch up with your competitors that you can easily lose sight of who you are as a brand. It’s important to clear away the clutter and focus on what makes you remarkable.

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Source: Cult Collective

Wendy’s and the Power of Nostalgia

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? Wendy’s is trying to tap into the power of nostalgia by teaming up with Spotify, Vevo, and Billboard to serve up some 90’s jams, in an attempt to connect with Millenials for the return of the chain’s pretzel bacon cheeseburger.

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Source: QSR Web

Spirit Airlines is a Lover not a Fighter

One airline is quite literally rewarding their haters. In an interesting new campaign, the discount airline is giving free travel miles to those who vent their frustrations on Twitter. The VP of marketing, Bobby Schroeter, says it’s an educational opportunity, as no-frills carriers like Spirt are commonplace in Europe but are relatively new to North America.

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Source: Fast Company


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