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Cult Brands Come Together (again) at The Gathering
Only a limited tickets available to attend this exclusive marketing conference.

Event in Banff honours handful of brands that have achieved cult status.

Senior marketing executives from across North America will convene in Banff this February to celebrate eight of the most cult-like brands, and the courageous leaders behind them. The Gathering, a business conference and awards gala, will take place at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel on February 18-19, 2015.

There, leaders behind notable brands like UFC, Dallas Cowboys, Tim Hortons, Goodlife Fitness, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney Channel, Patron Tequila, and Nintendo will join 500 of their marketing contemporaries in paying homage to nontraditional marketing strategies. Attendees will learn the secrets and unconventional techniques they’ve used to cultivate thriving brand cultures that have won the hearts and minds of consumers across the globe.
“It’s about time that the real heroes are recognized and rewarded,” explained Chris Kneeland, CEO of Cult Collective and co-founder of The Gathering. “The advertising industry rewards and recognize short-term success and celebrates creativity for creativity’s sake. The Gathering honours enlightened individuals and brands who truly engage consumers and have achieved a true cult-like status as a result.”

Organizers of The Gathering considered more than 150 brands from across North America, then evaluated nominees against eighteen criteria to determine various cult-like attributes.

Leadership teams from the eight winning brands will attend The Gathering in Banff to share ideas and bestow their knowledge and wisdom on privileged attendees. In addition to the winners, other notable brand leaders from organizations like Old Navy, Absolut Vodka, Canadian Tire, Las Vegas, Sport Chek, and GreenPeace will be participating.
“We conceived The Gathering as a bit of a ‘secret society’ for brands that connect with consumers by making impressions, not buying impressions,” added Kneeland. “The leaders behind those brands have succeeded in not only getting customers to buy, but to buy in to something bigger than just what they sell.”
Organizers behind other successful events such as South by Southwest (SXSW), AppNation, and the Banff World Media Festival contributed their expertise and oversight to The Gathering. Chris Malone, author of The Human Brand, and Jordan Berg, co-producer of The Naked Brand, are also confirmed to speak at The Gathering.
Recent reports by Forbes, CNBC and Interbrand on the world’s most successful brands indicate that brand affinity and customer loyalty have been fundamental to their prosperity in the face of the economic turmoil of recent years. “Clearly, the brands who dominate are those who win the allegiance and advocacy of customers who’ll shop them over competitors, and pay more for their products and services,” described Kneeland.

Buy your ticket here while tickets last for The Gathering 2015.

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