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Cult’s Agency Philosophy
6 Points to Become a Cult Brand

Here at Cult, after looking at some of the most adored brands out there, we have discerned some of the common traits among these brands. These traits enable brands to better connect with customers and ensure maximum potency when trying to deliver your unique brand personality and offering. They are as follows:

Be Remarkable.

Deliver the extraordinary.

Cult brands don’t buy impressions, they make them. We help brands become truly remarkable, diverting mass media budgets toward more engaging activities that drive affinity and  word-of-mouth advocacy.

Have Purpose.

Be driven by a powerful ethos.

Cult brands get customers to not just buy, but to buy into their noble cause. We help brands find and convey their “why”, so they can stop bribing customers with points and discounts, and start winning their hearts.

Be Inspirational.

Inspire from the inside out.

Cult brands invest in indoctrinating employees with their beliefs and values. We work with CMOs to improve their brand culture, and to harness human resources as their most powerful branding tool.

Be Relatable.

Brands are not real people.

Cult brands behave like people, and represent aspirational human characteristics. We assess all brand/customer touchpoints and look for ways to insert more personality and humanity.

Be Involved.

Shut up and listen for a change.

Mediocre brands scream via mass media; Cult brands shut up and listen. We help clients learn how to collect and value customer input and systematizes processes of co-creation.

Be Pervasive.

Cult brands are everywhere.

Cult brands extend their reach into non-traditional channels (i.e. Lego movie, Marvel Comics mobile app). We help brands come to life in complementary ways beyond their core offering.

With these concepts in mind any brand can garner a cult following.

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