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Culture Trumps Advertising Every Time
A SXSW Session

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals offer the unique convergence of original music, independent films, emerging technologies, while bringing together some of the best and brightest of various industries. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, the conference is one of the hottest tickets in the world.

New media presentations, music showcases and film screenings provide buzz-generating exposure for creators and compelling entertainment for audiences. Importantly, the interactive aspect of the festival presents a forum for learning, business activity, with numerous global networking opportunities. Intellectual and creative intermingling among industry leaders continues to spark new ideas and carve the path for the future of each ever-evolving field, long after the events’ conclusion.

Insights from Cult

This year Cult CEO, Chris Kneeland will be presenting a session entitled “Culture Trumps Advertising Every Time” at festival this week. The format is called a “Core Conversation” and is really more of a workshop than lecture. The session will be fun discussion about how some of the most effective (and most rewarding) marketing we can do is within our own organizations – applying our creative and problem solving skill sets to internal tasks like attracting the right talent, properly indoctrinating employees, and motivating staff to become brand ambassadors.

With years of experience, and an a wealth of knowledge in what it takes to be a cult brand, the session promises to deliver some key insights into how to truly take your brand to the next level, without buying your customers attention. Find more details about the session here.


The session was a huge success, check out the recap provided by Marketing Mag here. A big thanks to SXSW and all those who attended, it’s always a pleasure preaching the good word.



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