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Differentiation is the Key to Winning Clients That Get It
How proper positioning attracts ideal customers like an electromagnet.

We started Cult with a vision to be different than typical advertising or digital marketing agencies. Not just to look different, but to think and behave differently. We are not an ad agency. We are an engagement agency. To quote my partner, Chris Kneeland, “We are in the business of making an impression rather than buying impressions.”

So, it’s been incredibly satisfying to have been hand-picked by brands who are looking for an orange in a basket of apples. Brands like Harley-Davidson Canada and, most recently, Big Rock Brewery.

Along the way, we’ve stuck hard to our position, despite it disqualifying us from working with a host of clients. Hey, we’re just not for everyone.

At the same time, our positioning has attracted others like a magnet. I call them CTGI: Clients That Get It. I know that sounds bold, but in order to change the mindset that running another cute ad will make a meaningful, lasting impression with consumers, a bold approach must be taken.

It’s refreshing to be attracting clients who are truly a good “fit” for us, and not just for them. I’m sure most ad agency folks can relate: Rare are those starry-eyed moments when agency and client declare love at first sight. Yeah, it never happens.

But then it did… several times.

Cult received some humbling and exciting news last week. Canada’s largest brewer of craft beer, Big Rock Brewery, had selected Cult as its agency of record. We’re honoured to have such a coveted brand on our roster. We also recognize that it’s not truly a “win” until we actually help them accomplish their goals.

It’s refreshing to be attracting clients who are truly a good “fit” for us, and not just for them.

For now, there is nothing to celebrate except the start of a new relationship that will be exciting for Cult and Big Rock — and I mean for the passionate people at the brewery who have been working tirelessly to materialize their new vision as a respected and celebrated craft beer maker. Partnered with our amazingly talented team at Cult, expect great things to happen.

For now, we continue to cultivate the relationships we have with world-class brands like Harley-Davidson Canada, Pita Pit, ImageWear, MacEwan University and Michaels.

Ahhh, it’s nice to be able to drop names that people recognize. And to know in your gut that they’re about to get a lot more famous.

I have to admit that, since we’ve quit being an agency, I’m having the most fun of my career explaining the difference and changing the conversation with so many people that are excited to listen.

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