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Fearless Brand Leaders: GoPro
Find out why GoPro was honoured as a cult brand at The Gathering 2014.

GoPro’s cult status was cemented through its rapid-fire journey from small start-up to revolutionizing the marketplace of an industry in the midst of a down-turn. Factor in how brand leaders foster a fanatical following who use the camera to define their lifestyle and GoPro was a clear choice to be recognized at The Gathering 2013. Ryan Gill interviews Todd Ballard, Director of Global Sports Marketing for GoPro. Check out the full interview below.

There’s no narrative more compelling than a regular guy following his passion and achieving the impossible. GoPro’s incredible success lies in how it embodies that transformation: inspiring people to live a big life, open their eyes to possibility and be celebrated for doing what they love.

GoPro proudly acknowledges that not all of its consumer are extreme athletes. Many of them are parents capturing their child’s perspective as they ride their bike for the first time or open a gift. And that’s important to them, because at its core, GoPro celebrate authenticity and passion in all of its form.

Cult brands know that big ideas come from customers who are inspired to share, and GoPro might understand that better than anyone.

User-generated content motivates the brand’s fanatical following. When people capture something that’s never been done from an angle that’s never been seen, they want to share it. It comes down to the simple ethos: Be a hero.

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