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Fearless Brand Leaders: Urban Outfitters
Ryan Gill interviews Steve Hartman, Managing Director of Urban Outfitters.

Cult followings begin at a brand’s core, and Urban Outfitters engages its independent, free-thinking fan base by living the values it promotes. The Gathering recognized this brand’s distinct digital and in-store experiences, that invert traditional thinking to better attract and engage a following willing to pay a premium price for the ideals that Urban Outfitters embodies. Ryan Gill interviews Steve Hartman, Managing Director of Urban Outfitters. The retail world is very competitive and in this short interview, Steve shines a light on how Urban Outfitters stays locally authentic. Check out the full interview below.

The Urban Outfitters ethos is centred on celebrating individuality and creativity, values that are established within the brand from the inside out. Like all cult brands, Urban Outfitters thinks big and has grown into the wider world of lifestyle by expanding into products, events, music and social interaction. The strategy is born from the brand’s innovative and entrepreneurial corporate culture to further engage its audience.

Where most retailers execute a single marketing strategy across their entire network, the employees at Urban Outfitters’ 200 stores are encouraged to create shopping experiences unique to the local market.

It allows the brand to engage and empower a highly talented, creative workforce that is passionate about what they do and loyal to the brand. That in turn instills loyalty within its customers, who are seeking an eclectic retail experience that has a sense of discovery and cultural understanding.

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