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It’s Not The How
It's The Who

The startup world is an emotional circus.

It’s challenging, exhilarating and rewarding. But it’s also dark; filled with frustration, self-doubt and moments spent cursing yourself for having left your comfort zone in exchange for the unknown.

If you’re in the startup world, and you feel that chaos daily, the good news is that you must be doing it right. You’ve got to juggle tons of demands, and everyone needs an answer yesterday.

But you can choose to feel excitement, not anxiety, more of the time.

As I build my own Startup, Communo, things move so fast around here I can’t pause to make sure my team is on task or nitpick over how someone is moving from point A to point B. Priorities change constantly, and I’ve got to trust that the people I’ve chosen to ride this wave can adapt in the short-term while keeping long-term goals clear.

That’s why I always say that who you surround yourself with is so much more important than how you are going to achieve something.

If you’re sitting on an idea, and you’re worried about how you’re going to do it, I challenge you to adjust your point of view and instead ask yourself who is going to help you do it. I think you’ll come to see your dreams pass more quickly, and more successfully, than if you shoulder the burden yourself. The independent approach makes for a lonely life, and it’s actually a detrimental attitude if you’re serious about achieving your business goals.

When I come up with an idea, I bring the right people in to help me round out the concept and make it happen. Sometimes I don’t even know the roles everyone will fill, I just know I want a piece of their brain power and enthusiasm on my project.

To all you entrepreneurs out there, embrace the mess. But also embrace talented people who believe in your dreams and who want to help make them reality.

Doesn’t matter how you are going to get it done, it just matters who is going to help you.

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