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My First Month in a Cult
Believe in Your Cause

About a month ago I joined a Cult. What was my reason? Well Psychology Today answers the question quite nicely.

It’s because of what they offer: friendship, connections, identity, and an opportunity to make a contribution. Although what I actually joined is an engagement agency called Cult Collective Ltd., whose focus is on the marketing needs of their clients, the above reasoning still holds true.

Working at Cult has given me the opportunity to build friendships and connections both inside the office and outside at our annual marketing conference, The Gathering. As for identity, whether we like or not, where we work and what we do contributes to our identity, as it influences how people perceive us. Luckily for me, working at Cult seems to be a pretty great experience. People truly seem to enjoy coming into work each day, what more could you ask for?

Cult believes that engagement over advertising wins every time.

Most importantly, joining Cult has given me the opportunity to make a contribution through supporting the sales and marketing team. I’m contributing to a culture that isn’t afraid to take a stand against the industry norm to do something they believe in. Cult believes that engagement over advertising wins every time. Engagement results in cult followers that have a die-hard affinity for a brand instead of a customer who makes a purchase only when offered a deep pocket discount. For that reason I am compelled to continue my journey at Cult.

If you’re wondering why I’m not concerned about the Cult I joined, it’s because they haven’t tried to stop individualistic and critical thinking like the other variety – they actually encourage it.

I am excited to see what my journey brings and hope you can find your own “cult” to inspire you as well.

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