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New Agency Models Becoming the Rule, Not the Exception
How modern marketing agencies are using top talent without the expense of retaining top talent.

When we created the Cult Collective, we implemented a new type of agency staffing model. One that could provide clients with top talent while avoiding the expense of high overhead costs associated with agencies who retain top talent.

We borrowed examples from other labour-intensive industries outside of marketing services – such as construction, medical and education – to develop a distributed team network that blends full time employees, full time contractors, part-time freelancers, and strategic alliances with specialty shops.

The Benefit to Clients?

These four different classifications of staff all come together into our Collective Contract Agreement and contractually commit to the terms and conditions outlined in our client service agreements. This allows us to eliminate all the hassle our clients face in sourcing different marketing services providers, and reduces the overall cost by not having to pay full time wages for resources our clients are only using a portion of.

It also lets clients benefit from talent we’ve cherry-picked from the best of the best across North America.

Given the new agency model Pepsi is now testing with Omnicom – as highlighted in this recent Ad Age article – it looks like Cult is in good company with other innovators trying to reinvent an outdated marketing agency service model.

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