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The Second Score
The One That Counts

The following is a companion blog to an earlier post I released about creativity thriving in the absence of judgement.

I am all about putting yourself out there no matter what. YES to creativity, NO to worrying about what others think. Yes to enthusiasm, NO to holding back (even if the idea might flop).

BUT, don’t confuse forging ahead with turning away from constructive criticism. Difficult feedback can still be relevant. You’ll need some true maturity to accept this criticism, but you also must learn to love it. Of course, I’m talking about criticism from people you actually trust and respect. All that negative talk from the remaining 95% who don’t know you or couldn’t care if your business lives or dies? F&$k ‘em.

It’s the second score that counts.

When you receive constructive criticism about your product or idea, we’ll call that your “first score.” What you choose to do with that tough feedback is critical. When you process the criticism, then adjust, and try again based on new learnings, you’re going to receive the “second score,” and that’s the one that counts.

Accepting criticism is the only way to grow, and by reacting to it thoughtfully, rather than defensively, will set you apart from the rest. Also, don’t forget that it takes bravery to deliver negative feedback, especially if it comes from a source who is willing to put his or her relationship with you on the line to do so. Such courage should not be overlooked.

Rise up, respect the tough stuff, react, and earn your elevated Second Score.

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