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Weekly Round-Up: Building Brand Loyalty, Utilizing Personalization, and the Power of Crowdsourcing
Connect with customers in meaningful ways.
Each week, we aggregate the insights, issues and ideas dominating the conversations about brand engagement, customer loyalty and the future of marketing.

It Might be Time for a Marketing Department Check Up

It’s worrying how many brand leaders drudge on, unaware they have ‘walking pneumonia’. In this case, ‘walking pneumonia’ refers to a state of operating at less than full capacity, often putting up with mild aches and pains, which eventually manifest as a number of bad habits. At the first sign of infection it’s important to tackle issues head on, and work with a professional through a process, affectionately called “Marketing Rehab” in order to correct bad behaviours and inject life into a brand.

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Source: Cult Collective

Building More than Buzz

There is so much more to building a business than simply creating buzz through a short term gimmick or some flashy new loyalty program. Real brands know that they have to put in the work to build lasting relationships, which in turn promotes brand loyalty. The key? Recognition. Show your customers you care and see them as people.

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Source: Forbes

The Evolving Power of Geotagging

Snapchat is the latest social powerhouse to jump on the geotagging bandwagon. Users now have the option to add filters or stickers to their messages depending on where they are located. While the add on is only available in select locations, it signals what many have been touting for years, namely: geotagging will be a powerful tool for marketers to reach customers exactly where they live, work, and play.

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Source: Yashi

The Power of Personalization

While brick-and-mortar stores still dominate the market, revenue from online channels is growing at an impressive rate. The best way to ensure your online platform stands out is through personalization. Show customers relevant content and they will love you. This doesn’t mean simply offering 10% off something you think they will like, tell them a story, connect with them on a deeper lever, and above all else become a destination and you will reap the rewards.

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Source: Chief Marketer

Create Brand Loyalty not Brand Bargain Hunters

The social media sphere is one of the best places to gather meaningful data on customers and middle sized firms can capitalize on this through social media reward programs. The trick is to not simply reward customers for seeking or claiming a discount, but rather encourage them to become an invested member in the community and offer incentives for actually engaging with the brand.

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Source: Middle Market Centre

Crowdsourcing is King

Time and time again brands have proven the power of crowdsourcing and its ability to engage, excite and truly captivate customers. It’s no different for Jim Bean Bourbon and Blimpie, an American sub chain, who both recently utilized their fans to create content. It’s a win-win situation; customers get a say in the products they love so dearly, while brands reap increased engagement and significantly cheaper content created by the masses.

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Source: Convince and Convert and QSR Web


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