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Weekly Round-Up: Human Brands & The Power of Personification
People want brands they can relate to.
Each week, we aggregate the insights, issues and ideas dominating the conversations about brand engagement, customer loyalty and the future of marketing.

How Beats Won Consumers’ Hearts With a Human Brand Approach

The recent acquisition of Beats by Apple underscores the need for brands to personify human traits, and shift away from the plethora of product attributes and descriptions.

Read Beats by Dre: The Power of Personification

Source: Cult Collective

Video: Why “Human” Brands Are More Profitable Brands

Digital Royalty CEO Amy Jo Martin says “humans connect with humans, not logos” and offers tips to give your brand that human touch. Watch her story about how UFC turned a brand blunder into an engagement and revenue-generating opportunity.

Read How Humanizing Your Brand Makes Money

Source: Inc.

The Importance of A Clear Employer Branding Strategy

Having a clearly defined employer branding strategy is critical to attracting and retaining a talented workforce of the right people with the right skills and the right cultural fit, yet very few have such a strategy in place. Find out how one start-up used employer branding to make their employees their strongest brand ambassadors.

Read Employer branding: Only 17% of organizations have a clear strategy

Source: HC Online

The Content Facebook Users Really Want

If you are publishing on Facebook you need to be providing information that the readers there are looking for. So what are the top 5 categories of information that people are looking for and sharing on Facebook?

Read The Top 6 Categories Of Content Shared on Facebook

Source: JeffBullas.com

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