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Why I Have The World’s Best Job
It Isn't A Job

To me, Cult isn’t just another job. I enlisted in its movement. And it’s not for the weak, or faint of heart.

Mine is a crusade to drag advertising out of the dark ages by its hair. To rid it of archaic beliefs and practices that date back over a century. I spend my life pushing boulders up hills, pointing out emperors with no clothes, and screaming “yes” in boardrooms filled with old-school thinking, more comfortable with “maybe”.

I’m here to help clients stop the insanity. That means I’m done helping them waste obscene amounts on media campaigns and markdowns—because I know that money belongs making products, programs and people more remarkable. I will no longer enable clients who want to shout the loudest, trying to interrupt a jaded world—not when I can help them communicate, in a clear voice, with those who really matter.

Every day, I wake up ready to lead the charge to make businesses more remarkable, purposeful, human, involved, inspirational and pervasive. For ours is a noble endeavour, to lift the craft we hold so dear out of the cold hands of the fearful and the lazy—to regain the respect and prestige our life’s work deserves.

Manifesting this kind of revolution takes confidence and swagger—so I’m through being polite and politically correct. I will fly into the headwinds of the status quo. And I will do it at the speed of sound. Only then will I be able to look back on this from my deathbed as being the fight of my life—knowing we accomplished what we set out to do.

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