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You Should Drink the Kool-Aid
Follow me into Communo, and I’ll show you around:

Communo is a member-driven, talent-sourcing concept that I’m pretty excited about—but I also acknowledge that it’s new and needs to be explained. So stick with me, and let me give you a brief tour.


For starters, Communo took inspiration from real life communes. We embrace the idea of enabling a “tribe” of world-class marketing professionals to think, behave, cohabitate and work together like a commune. We are insular and we have shared intent, in a positive context (no, not in a creepy, we-all-wear-the-same-tennis-shoes, kind of way).


By offering incremental projects, access to first-class talent, business coaching, financial advice and unique work spaces designed to inspire productivity and impress potential clients, Communo has created a work model ecosystem that’s rocking the marketing industry for craftspeople and agencies alike. Not too many opportunities come along in this world that foster both. It is happening now, and it is the future.


Communo offers incremental projects, access to first-class talent, business coaching and unique workspaces designed to inspire productivity and impress potential clients.


So, this ecosystem, if used properly, yields faster, more profitable growth for each member’s business. But here’s the caveat: You can’t just enter the fold and expect money to rain on you. There’s going to be winners and there’s going to be some that don’t make the cut. You determine your fate.


Give and you shall Receive

As a work-sharing economy, it’s as much about giving as it is receiving. Get a Job/Give a Job is one of our mantras. So members who dig in, cohabitate, produce stellar work and contribute as much as they receive will be successful. But those who do a shitty job or take without giving will eventually notice their workloads dry up. The organism will know. It’s transparent like that. It self-regulates and tracks accountability. A-Team players want to work with A-Team players. Period.


The talent pool is deep

For agencies that want to bill more, and build their businesses faster, Communo takes a lot of the risk out of growth. One of the biggest liabilities agencies carry is the cost of talent. The traditional agency-staffing model is broken, but as the marketing services competitive landscape grows, the demand for niche, rich talent increases. Communo members can leverage their collective membership as a nimble HR staffing solution to gain a competitive edge. It offers unlimited scale with insanely reduced risk and cost.


Built by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals, Communo understands the risks and challenges that freelancers and agencies confront daily.


Yes, I’m aware that sites like LinkedIn and Upwork offer sourcing services. But honestly, their models are inferior to Communo. Millions of people are vying for the same projects, and the opportunities are not curated. Communo is a different beast altogether. It’s built by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals, who understand the risks and challenges that freelancers and agencies confront daily. Communo provides the best talent as just-in-time resources to keep your overhead down and deliverables top notch.


Smart leasing terms without all the conditions

Securing optimal office space is another major hassle and fixed expense that marketing professionals have to deal with. Communo eases that financial burden by providing opportunities to cohabitate in shared office spaces. An average landlord will make you sign a five-year lease. Not us. One-year leases are the norm at Communo. And if I may permit myself to brag for a moment, our workspaces are housed in some of the coolest buildings in each city where we have a major presence. That’s not my opinion…Ask our members.


Owned and driven by you, our expert members

What’s also really exciting is the member-owned platform that Communo operates on. We’re turning Communo over to you, our members. After paying a nominal membership fee for 12 months, members gain access to equity. In just a few years, we forecast all members will profit from a business doing over $100 million worth of deal flow annually.  Did I miss something, or does LinkedIn offer anything as tangible as dividends to its members?


Communo provides unlimited scale with insanely reduced risk and cost.



Communo is a great party, and the guest list is hard to get on. Members are vetted and curated to ensure Experts Always, but ultimately, the experience you have is completely up to you. So show up to the party—come in and work at a daily hot desk, join the monthly business development breakfasts, play a game of foosball with another member…because you need to be present when the Kool-Aid is being poured.


Show up to the party if this could be a fit for you. You need to be present when the Kool-Aid is being poured.


Communo is already catching fire, and although it’s not for the many, it’s definitely for the few. Is that you?


To find out more, contact Patrick at [email protected]


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