Check out this interview we did with ron Pomerantz, the former VP of Marketing & Creative for the Disney Channel. If you want to learn how the Disney Channel continually reinvents itself and remains beloved by millions, this is an interview you will definitely want to watch. This video highlights what it takes to truly create a fearless brand in an industry fragmented by audience age and media platforms.

Disney Channels Worldwide, part of the largest media and entertainment company in the world, The Walt Disney Company, has set a new standard for excellence by consistently entertaining and delighting kids and families with its original programming — stories and characters that are relatable and relevant for young viewers.

Here’s some of the key takeaways from the interview:

0:31 Why Ron believes the Disney Channel will remain relevant for years to come.

We’re in the business of storytelling; we are in the business of magic…the magic of true wonderment and true amazement. When you look at the parks and families, we show the joy in the face, we don’t show the joy in what they see, and that is timeless.

1:18 The “secret formula” behind Disney Channel’s programming.

2:17 Ron discusses the difficulty in marketing to a wide age gap and how audience age controls the advertising platforms you can use.

3:50 Ron talks about the transition in which the cable television industry is going through at the moment.

4:54 Innovative tactics the Disney Channel utilizes to further engage its viewers.

Ron Pomerantz, at the time of this interview, was responsible for developing and executing the marketing and creative direction for all on-air and off-air marketing and promotion of Disney Channel, the #1 cable TV network in Total Day in Total Viewers and across all TV in Kids 2-11.

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