Check out this interview we did with david Luner, the former President of Brand Partnerships & Franchise Management for FremantleMedia North America. If you want to learn how to market successful television programming such as American Idol, this is an interview you will definitely want to watch. This video highlights what it takes to truly create a fearless brand from distributing some of television’s most beloved programming.

FreemantleMedia is a television content production and distribution company that creates some of television’s most talked about reality and game show programs.

Here’s some of the key takeaways from the interview:

0:39 David talks about the secret sauce behind the success of Freemantle’s programming.

I think there are two components. One is storytelling. We have the best storytellers in the business…We also empower our viewers, very few shows allow people to either win, be part of the fabric, or make the decisions.

1:18 How Freemantle has brought audience participation to life from outside of the television.

2:39 How Freemantle manages to find hosts for its shows.

3:35 David discusses the importance of brand consistency and how it has led to the success of the Price Is Right.

4:22 How Freemantle decides on partnerships for their programming and how to find a good fit within your own brand.

David Luner is the former President of Brand Partnerships & Franchise Management for FremantleMedia North America. In his position, David was responsible for variety of ancillary rights divisions including Brand Partnerships & Integrated Marketing, Digital & Interactive, Licensing, Live Events, Brand Assurance, and Franchise Management. Luner’s remit spans across the whole spectrum of FremantleMedia’s television shows and third party brands – including American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, The Price Is Right, Family Feud, Let’s Make A Deal, as well as an increasing slate of third party brands including Epicurious and SELF from Conde Nast.

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