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Join our team of talented professionals and experts across North America.
Engagement Advisor
Are you a natural leader who can inspire both our internal teams and those of our clients? If so, come help our Direction team at our HQ in Calgary, and be responsible for aligning strategy for aspiring cult brands. We need a thinker who also does. Someone with the innate ability to build consensus, seeing challenges and opportunities from every perspective.

  • responsible for the management of relationships with clients
  • ensure the smooth production of campaigns – from briefing designers and copywriters to managing budgets
  • coordinate resources needed to service projects, build strategic operational plans and balance the expectations of clients with the execution of creative work
  • liaising with clients at a senior level on a day to day basis
  • promoting the expansion of business with existing clients
  • working with other senior managers to generate new accounts
  • completing projects to a specific schedule within an agreed budget
  • push clients, and the agency, creatively and strategically
  • a sponge-like brain capable of absorbing more knowledge about our client’s business and category than they have themselves
  • marketing curiosity that could kill a cat nine times, plus the savvy intelligence to push your own thinking and our collective work where no marketing has boldly gone before
  • three planks of wood, a monkey, and two silver shekels… that’s right, the ability to focus meandering creative minds
  • at least seven (7) years’ experience working in an agency, with a demonstrated track record of growing accounts
  • post-secondary education, or truly stellar university-of-life credentials
  • experience with all sorts of media and marketing channels (digital/social/traditional)
  • great computer skills, ideally in the macOS / iOS environments… we don’t do Windows, never have, never will
  • scheduling, budgeting and project management skills that could be diagnosed as obsessive compulsive disorder
  • the ability to forget everything you ever knew about ad agencies and their outdated focus and processes—we’re about the future, and your number one job here will be to help us build and share it
  • a brief client case history detailing how your heroic account service skills saved the day
  • plus, an entrepreneurial or sales background would be considered an asset
We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those deemed qualified will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Whoa, wait… Cult?
Chill, we’re not one of those creepy cults Mom warned you about. Although much of the dictionary definition does seem to fit. We’re certainly a group of people bound together by a devout belief in common ideals. Yes, we place true enlightenment above all things. And absolutely, we observe sacred rites and rituals that fall outside the traditional mainstream. But only because we have lots of documented proof of how that combination of things consistently gives brands cult-like followings. They’re the reason why Apple is the largest company in the known universe, why tattoo artists have gotten rich on the words “Harley Davidson” and why Coca-Cola can make the worst product decision of 20th century and still come out on top. They should also be the reason you submit your résumé along with a short cover letter explaining why you’re done working for traditional agencies, and ready to start an enlightened journey of discovery at Cult, Canada’s first engagement marketing agency.

Full Time

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