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Case Study

Transforming a global brand

The Challenge

Oakley was being challenged by a dated digital asset management system.  The Global PR team is responsible for crafting, distributing and managing the flow of dynamic stories about athletes, products, events and general brand initiatives to multiple regions around the world.  The process to this point was very analog, meaning, Oakley will draw from assets across multiple digital asset management systems, the best way for this consolidation would be to provide the press with multiple links to these assets in the release. This was time consuming and frustrating internally and externally for Oakley HQ, the individual regions and the press. In addition the team faced additional was controlling the information – once it went out it was gone, making it difficult to claw back points or quotes etc…once the story was released.

The Solution

By first understanding the full spectrum of expectation, CULT was able to make strategic recommendations on how technology could simplify and secure the process. The Oakley Media Hub resolved all of the issues and provided Oakley with an industry first “platform” to build dynamic visuals, imagery and storytelling. Media Hub consolidates ALL of the Oakley digital asset and distribution systems into one beautifully designed customizable responsive web app. New stories are added and searchable – each story get’s its own URL on the hub and is accessible through carousel landing page. And, during embargo’s the microsite is built and then protected by password. If changes are needed the site is locked down and modified and then opened up again. Providing control and security for the story’s and related assets.

Each self contained responsive microsite provides a (for viewing and downloading) full set of:

  1. Athlete photo’s, video’s (embedded Youtube player to drive traction)
  2. Product imagery / model information
  3. Additional Materials & Releases

The Result

Since being implemented the Oakley Media Hub has been pivotal in the successful release and management of multiple global news stories for Oakley improving the adoption and publication worldwide. There have been multiple iterations for athletes, events, product launches and cross brand collaborations.

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