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Case Study

Making Moments

Matter More

The Challenge

The 30-store, Canada-wide retail chain WATCH IT! specializes in upscale watches. With more and more store openings across the country, the company faced the challenge of not truly knowing what their purpose was. The staff were very segmented in what they believed WATCH IT! stood for, and it was less understood the further away from the corporate office they were. Due to this disconnect in communications, staff found themselves lacking energy, being discouraged and struggling to find reasons to go to work. The CEO retained Cult Collective to help him improve their brand relevance, drive more store traffic, but most importantly, to find their meaning and thereby boost staff morale.

The Solution

Cult served as WATCH IT! CMO, driving change at the highest levels. We conducted our Diagnostic and Prescription process, and discovered their remarkability wasn’t found in the products they sold, but rather in their expertise in matching a customer’s individual needs with their perfect timepiece. WATCH IT! could no longer simply be about selling functional watches. Their focus needed to be on finding the right ones for those who valued their individuality, to mark memorable moments in life, and to be a deeply personal reflection of who they were.

WATCH IT! was about marking the moments that mattered to Canadians, and enabling their individuality. As such, we developed a new brand platform centered around moments in time that matter most, and how WATCH IT! could help make the most of those moments. Rather than trying to be something for everyone, we helped them understand who their core audience was, in order to properly tailor communications and offerings to meet specific needs and expectations.

We conducted a holistic HR audit to assess skills, strengths and weaknesses of the management team. We also implemented an internal rewards and recognition program to inspire the entire staff to get involved. We solicited influencers around the country that were relevant to our target consumer and who could create a following based on real life stories that were relatable and inspiring to them. The collateral that we refreshed extended from in-store bags, to signage, bi-annual magazines and a website. We gave WATCH IT! a way to collaborate and cocreate with customers in their quest to find unique, ownable ways to be the one destination in Canada “where time matters more”.

The Result

In less than a year, we received unheard-of, unanimous buy-in from franchisees. Alongside this, we added a diverse new suite of marketing materials and assets that elevate the brand’s purpose and drive—not only increasing store sales, but also co-op funds from suppliers. Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold. We’re just getting started!

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