Ready for customers who buy in, rather than just buy? We've helped built a cult around brands just like yours. Let's explore if we’re a good fit…

Does your offering include products, services or even experiences, that customers find so noteworthy that they spontaneously tell others about them without incentive?

Will customers routinely bypass more conveniently available and less expensive comparable options in order to purchase your products or services?

Have customers created their own events, websites, clubs or communities to pay tribute to your brand?

Does your organization regularly express your brand's principles, values or philosophies through marketing communications, rather than mostly promotional or sales-based messaging?

Beyond their employment qualifications, does your organization evaluate job candidates against a set of attributes that serves to define your brand's desired internal culture and/or outwardly expressed attitude?

Are your employees inspired enough to regularly refer – or even actively recruit – new talent or staff, without incentive?

Does your organization have an internal communications program (which could include social networks or intranets) that is actively used to perpetuate your brand's values, philosophies and beliefs?

Do consumers relate your brand to a person, character or popular personality – whether real or invented – to help describe your brand?

Does your organization routinely implement customer-generated ideas to improve your brand's offerings, and if so, are steps taken to ensure that customers are aware of this?

Does your brand support, endorse or maintain an official presence at customer-initiated meetings, gatherings, special events, clubs or online communities?

Does your organization create or sponsor destinations or events where consumers can enjoy memorable branded experiences beyond your primary distribution outlets?

Has your organization made signficiant financial and organizational efforts to perfectly align your physical and virtual worlds so you provide a unified branded experience at home, in store, online, mobile and in socials spaces?

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