A one-day immersive working session led by 2-3 members from Cult along with 6-10 key executives designed to expose senior leaders to the six cult brand principles and mutually assess how capable they are to become (or remain) a cult brand. Each session includes:

  • 10 copies of the Book FIX to be read ahead of the one-day session
  • Highlights and learnings from the book FIX through a group discussion
  • Presentation by the Cult team & review of the six Cult Brand Principles, along with examples of other companies across each area
  • Conduct a Cult brand score-carding session
  • Group assessment of where your brand is at today: what areas are strengths and what areas do we need to address further in the future.
  • Insights into issues and challenges Cult brands face as they scale their businesses and lessons learned


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