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10 Points to Become a Cult Brand
After looking at some of the most adored brands out there, we have discerned some of their common traits. These traits enable brands to better connect with customers and ensure maximum potency when trying to deliver your unique brand personality and offering.
Have Purpose
Cult brands are known more for what they stand for than what they sell
Inspire from Within
Cult brands are created from the inside out. Internal audiences trump external ones
Be Remarkable
Cult brands deliver a product, service or experience worthy of creating spontaneous conversation
Be Relatable
Cult brands personify human attributes. They understand all business is personal
Cult brands value customers for their money AND their voice
Be Pervasive.
Cult brands make impressions, more than they buy impression
Pick a Fight
Target the alienated and separate yourself from the mainstream
Build Temples
Create places where your followers can gather and partake in an elevated brand experience
Encourage fans to assemble and revel in their togetherness
Create Rites and Rituals
Create lexicons, traditions or symbols to help insiders feel like insiders
How Addicting is your Brand?
Complete our scorecard and see how your brand measures up.
FIX: Break the addictions that are killing brands
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