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Bill Neff · YETI
About the Episode

In today’s marketing landscape, it’s easy to think that being the loudest pays the biggest rewards. Our guest today, Bill Neff, has worked with brands who have taken marketing back to the fundamentals to meet consumers where they are. As the CMO of Yeti and previous Director of Sports Marketing at Under Armour, Bill has seen that this grassroots approach to marketing pays off. In this episode, Bill shares the interesting journey that led him to Yeti. From sales to video production, the path to marketing has been an unexpected one. The Yeti products are truly exceptional and their focus on embedding themselves in the community is a breath of fresh air. They aspire to create and add value to their communities rather than extracting it. Bill used Yeti products long before he worked at the company and his belief in them is palpable. He is living his truth and it’s inspiring to hear. Be sure not to miss this one!



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"Any really true, fair deal should leave both parties just a little pissed off"
About the Guest
Bill Neff
VP of Consumer Marketing, YETI
Bill Neff serves as the VP of Consumer Marketing for YETI, a leading innovator, designer and marketer of premium outdoor gear. Bill joined YETI in 2015 to lead the Community Marketing team responsible for driving depth in YETI’s core consumer categories of Outdoor; Sports and Entertainment; and Food, Beverage, and Music. In 2019, Bill was asked to move into his current role which oversees the overarching consumer marketing strategy through public relations, social media, events, licensing and partnerships, and community. Before joining YETI, he was a part of the rapid growth stages of premium brands. Bill joined Under Armour in 2003 as a member of their Team Sales department and left in 2009 as their Director of Sports Marketing responsible for their collegiate properties in the western states. Bill also led marketing initiatives for Sitka Gear in their Whitetail and Waterfowl categories prior to his time at YETI.
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