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Christoph Gorder · charity: water
About the Episode

Rather than settle for ‘business as usual’, charity: water’s Chief Global Water officer, Christoph Gorder, helped build a non-profit with a mission to reinvent charities. Sounds simple, right? In this episode, we explore the challenges that come with doing things differently and taking the bold steps necessary to help your organization reach its dream, desired state.

Links to stuff we talk about:

Charity Water

The Source | VR Video

The Gathering Summit


"If there’s ever a time in the world where this is possible, it is certainly today. People are looking to give, they’re looking to make an impact."
About the Guest
Christoph Gorder
Chief Global Water Officer, charity: water
Christoph Gorder joined charity: water in 2012 to lead the organization’s global water investments in 24 countries. Since its founding in 2006, charity: water has raised over $250 million and provided clean water to over six million people. In his role as Chief Global Water Officer, Christoph also oversees technology innovations that increase transparency and long-term impact of clean water programs. Prior to joining charity: water, Christoph spent fifteen years leading disaster response operations and managing large scale healthcare delivery programs around the world. He grew up in the Central African Republic and Nigeria, where getting clean water is still a dream for millions. Christoph is married to Alisha, who is a journalist, and has two young children.
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